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Mason Weiss’s experience of metamorphosis as a transgender person permeates his practice, and so his sculptures exist as a tangible story of transformation. He engages in processes associated with “women’s work” to stitch together his queer identities primarily with textiles and beadwork to create self-portraits, wearables, and interactive works that reclaim his individual history.  

Weiss utilizes a method of “freestyle stitching” as a resistance to the use of patterns, which frees him from adhering to a formulaic approach in his work. This technique directly correlates to queerness; by defying predetermined societal expectations, he liberates himself by redefining and reconciling his relationship with gender and sexuality.

By reimagining some of his favorite childhood memorabilia, Weiss utilizes a playful nostalgia while chronicling his lived experiences. He continues to build a novel mythology for his hybridized creatures and self-commemorative work to foster compassion towards a former self that he had felt imprisoned within. Weiss invites viewers to witness the tension between his body, psyche, and desires through experiencing his physical representations of personal vulnerability.

Artist's Statement: Text
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